Plenary is a place where resolutions can be written and presented by any member of the Association (undergraduate student body), and seek out student support on the issue their resolution raises.

Plenary is held twice during the academic year (once each semester) on a Sunday.

Quorum is required to vote and approve resolutions.  Quorum is 1/3 of the Association (usually about 430 students).

Resolutions can fall into 5 categories:

  • Constitutional¬†amendment
  • Recommendation to admin
  • Ratification of school policy
  • Override decision made in Assembly
  • Creation/amendment of campus-wide policies

Other reasons for Plenary resolutions must be submitted to the SGA Executive Board for review one week after the Resolution Writing Workshop.

Spring Plenary 2022 Results:

Resolution 1: Reaffirmation of the SGA Constitution – PASSED

Resolution 2: Recommitment to the Values of the Honor Code – PASSED

Resolution 3: Campus Support For the Procedure of Self-Resignation of Elected SGA Offices for Harm to the Community – PASSED

Resolution 4: Providing DLT with Dorm Room Master Keys – DID NOT PASS

Resolution 5: Bryn Mawr College Student Body Affirms Support For Full Divestment from Fossil Fuels – PASSED

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