SGA Meeting 4/2/23

4/2 SGA Meeting Minutes


Meeting Agenda:

  • Presenting Next E-Board
  • Community Comment
  • Plenary Results
  • SLG Field Updates
  • College Budget Committee Updates
  • Election Bylaws Update

Presenting Next E-board 2023-2024: 


Bryn Osborne – President

Sophia Cunningham- Secretary 

Abhi Suresh and Cordelia Li – Co Treasurers 

Camille Lopez -Social justice and equity chair

Xenya Currie – Honor board head


Community Comment:

Updates from Kelly Douglas, Student Faculty Rep:

  • Pilot program of new advising structure in the works.
  • New Dean of student life and Dean of academic success.
  • Changing advising model – dean is by class year to build relationships with the class.
  • Liberal arts faculty mentor – 2 year position, NOT advisor, create workshops to maximize liberal arts experience.
  • New Dean Karlene
  • One dean per class year, one shared one for Juniors and Seniors.
  • piloting test optional applications for international students
  • CPEARcpear campus policy equity and anti-racism 
  • ChatGPT – students cheating includes ai, already in honor code not an issue 

communication from president 

  • Removal of M Carey Thomas plaque planned to happen over the summer
  • Meeting with the registrar at Haverford happened to coordinate registar.


Plenary results: 

  • Everything passed.


SLG field updates:

  • There was a meeting Friday morning the 31st open to students and faculty.
  • Plans to regrade the hill for a path near senior row to make it ADA accessible.
  • Will need to cut down about 30 trees, plans for replanting trees on campus
  • Construction starts September 1st
  • cost: 4.2 million 
  • Pennsylvania State Beech tree, already sick so had to be chopped down anyway 


  • PFA free, no cancer risks 
  • No environmental impact survey done, not standard for any projects on campus 
  • Been in the works for 3 or 4 years but students only heard about it recently 
  • Field Hockey specific field, “needs to be turf for field hockey specific issues” 
  • Athletic program is a priority for administration 
  • Already been passed by Board of Trustees, this is happening 
  • Senior Row trees will be the same but there will be construction for the new path 
  • Next B&G meeting 4/28

College Budget Committee:


  • Presented report on raising student wages to minimum of 13 – 2 out of 3 groups in budget meeting agreed 
  • Tuition is going up
  • Priorities for the school
  • Financial Aid (this aid will take into account raising tuition, theoretically won’t have to pay extra) (merit aid won’t be changed with tuition) 
  • Campus Maintenance
  • IT systems upgrade (want to switch from bionic but it’ll take a while, 5-10 years) 
  • Decision will be made at the BOT meeting in April 
  • Electric Blue Bus, in the works 
  • Park Renovations, 50 million dollars, making a physics lab, redoing math professors offices, renovate HVAC system
  • moving some admin to park


Elections Bylaws Update:


-Have been updated since they haven’t been changed in a while

-added office hours

-dorm president elections are no longer under this


Meeting Adjourned at 9:00 pm.