Hearing Reports & Abstracts

Hearing Reports are made to the Bryn Mawr College community at the last SGA meeting of the semester (as of Spring Plenary ’13). This report is a synopsis of the cases that have been brought to the Honor Board that semester. These reports are released to the community along with 5-6 random Abstracts, from no earlier than 2 semesters ago and no older than 6, which are representative of cases that are still relevant to campus life.

Abstracts are summaries of cases that have come before the Honor Board in the recent past. The goal of releasing Abstracts is to keep the community informed as to the working status of the Honor Code on Bryn Mawr College’s campus.
Abstracts are released before the Finals examination period each semester in order to bring the Honor Code to the forefront of each community member’s mind as we head into this very busy time of the year.

All names and class years have been changed in order to protect confidentiality.

All members of the Self-Government Association have the right to ask the Head of the Honor Board for Abstracts for hearings that have taken place from no earlier than 2 semesters ago and no older than 6 semesters ago.

Hearing Reports and Abstracts are listed below.

Discussion about the cases and resolutions is highly encouraged. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to seek out a member of the Honor Board or email the Head of the Honor Board at honorboard@brynmawr.edu.

Hearing Reports

Hearing Report Spring 2023

Hearing Report Fall 2022

Hearing Report Spring 2022

Hearing Report Fall14

Hearing Report Spring14

Hearing Report Fall13

Hearing Report Spring13*

*Reports to the community should generally report hearings that have taken place in the semester however this report includes statistics about hearings for the full Fall ’12- Spring ’13 Academic Year.


Abstracts Fall 2022

Abstracts Spring 2022

Abstract AC28-AC33

Abstracts AC26-AC27

Abstracts AC19-AC25

Abstracts AC17-A18

Abstracts AC15-AC16 UW39-UW41

Abstracts AC12-AC14 UW37-UW38

Abstracts EP01-EP03 AC09-AC11

Abstracts AC07-AC08

Abstracts AC01-AC06

Abstracts AC17-AC18

Abstracts AC19-AC25

Abstracts UW31-UW34

Abstracts UW20-UW30

Abstract UW11-UW19

Abstract UW05-UW10

Abstract UW04

Abstracts UW01-UW03

Honor Council Abstracts

Occasionally, Haverford’s Honor Council recommends that the Bryn Mawr Honor Board release the abstracts for Honor Council trials involving Bryn Mawr students to the Bryn Mawr community. When those abstracts have been released at Haverford, they will be posted here, and an announcement about their availability will be made at the next SGA meeting.

To navigate to the Haverford’s Honor Council website, click here: http://honorcouncil.haverford.edu/

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