Annual SGA Events

SGA-Hosted Major Events 

Night Market 

Anu Atte ‘19, SGA’s first-ever Social Justice and Equity Chair, worked with dining services’ student coordinators, Alliance of Multicultural Organizations (AMO), and her colleagues from SGA to create Night Market. Night Market is a space to celebrate and honor the diversity of the BMC community. SGA also wants to recognize the complex and rarely acknowledged work of AMO leaders. They work to make BMC home. 


Plenary is a place where resolutions can be written and presented by any member of the Association (undergraduate student body) and seek out student support on the issue their resolution raises.

Plenary is held twice during the academic year (once each semester) on a Sunday.

Quorum is required to vote and approve resolutions.  Quorum is 1/3 of the Association (usually about 430 students).

Big Cheese 

Big Cheese is a bi-annual event held by the SGA executive board. BMC students nominate administration members to come to an open forum to discuss the community’s concerns. The event is usually about 30-45 minutes of structured questions collected beforehand and then 30 minutes of small group discussions and audience member Q/A. 

Black Excellence Panel 

This event, hosted by the SGA E-Board and the Social Justice and Equity Taskforce, is an event to celebrate the accomplishments and experiences of Black seniors. The event takes place during Black History Month and is a time to celebrate Black seniors. The event is usually a panel and a Q&A session.