Welcome to the Bryn Mawr College Self-Government Association

What is SGA?

The Self-Government Association (often referred to as SGA) is the self-governing body of the undergraduate students of Bryn Mawr College. Students practice self-governance which allows them to create rules and principles for the members of SGA to abide by.

SGA’s History

Students united to form the Bryn Mawr College Self-Government Association in 1892. The College therefore became the first institution of higher education in the United States to give students responsibility to not only enforce rules of behavior upon themselves, but also for decide what those rules should be. Today, most Bryn Mawr students and graduates cite self-governance as one of the most valuable parts of a Bryn Mawr education.


All Bryn Mawr College undergraduate students are automatically members of the Self-Government Association. Therefore, the Self-Government Association seeks to serve as a uniting voice for all BMC students. Students are highly encouraged to come to weekly meetings of the Representative Council every Sunday at 8:00 PM in the Campus Center, as well as attend Plenary which occurs twice a year.

The Constitution and the Honor Code

There are two primary institutions of student self-governance at Bryn Mawr. The first is the Self-Government Association (SGA) Constitution, a living document outlining the purpose and rules of the Self-Government Association. The second is the Academic and Social Honor Code, a set of principles stressing personal integrity and mutual respect to which all students agree to adhere. Both of these documents can be amended biannually at Plenary after being discussed and voted upon by the students present.

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