SGA Representative Council 2017-18

The following positions (with the exception of the Executive Board) serve as the voting body of the Assembly of the Self-Government Association. The Representative Council meets every Sunday at 7:00 in the Campus Center. These meetings are open to all members of SGA (the undergraduate student body of Bryn Mawr College).  

Executive Board: 

President: Nanda Bhushan ’19

Vice President: Delia Landers ’19

Secretary: Shannan Stafford ’19

Treasurer: Morine Kimani ’20

Head of the Honor Board: Sofia Colosimo ’19

Chair of Social Justice and Equity: Anu Atte ’19

Representative Council: 

Athletics Association Representative: To Be Elected

Committee on Public Safety [COPS] Head(s): Phoebe Dopulos ’19

Curriculum Committee Head(s): Precious Robinson ’19

Elections Head(s):

Representative(s) to the Faculty: Julia Moore ’21

Haverford Representative(s): Liv Phillips ’19

LILAC CPD Representative: Dorothy Feng ’21

LILAC Civic Engagement Representative: Abby Chernila ’20

McBride Representative(s): To Be Elected

Off-Campus Representative(s): Natalie Kawam ’19

Pensby Center Representative: Deborah Ekwale ’21

Residential Council Head(s): Courtney Given ’18 and Michelle Fleuriot ’18

Social Committee Head(s): Mary Cooper ’19

SGA Archivist: Sasha Rogelberg ’19

Traditions Mistresses: Brit Van der Poel ’19 and Leah Baker ’19

Class Presidents:

2018 President(s): Ann Tran ’18 and Connie Lam ’18

2019 President(s): Kamara Simms ’19 and Yeidaly Mejia ’19

2020 President(s): Dilesha Tanna ’20 and Zainab Saeed ’20

2021 President(s): Chloe Liu ’21 and Yabundu Conteh ’21


Member-at-Large: To Be Elected

Member-at-Large: To Be Elected

Member-at-Large: To Be Elected

Member-at-Large: To Be Elected

Member-at-Large: To Be Elected

Member-at-Large: To Be Elected

Dorm Presidents/Representatives: 

Batten: To Be Elected

Brecon: Kyla Fanning ’20 and Lisa Li ’20

Denbigh: Ellen Wright ’19 and Hannah Symonds ’19

Erdman: Sierra Bradshaw-Kreimer ’20 and Una Giurgea ’20

Merion: Annika Lutzenhiser ’19 and Zauraiz Syeda ’19

New Dorm: Sophia Kim ’19 and Nina Yung ’19

Pembroke East: Carolyn Cannizzaro ’19 and Julie Gonzales ’19

Pembroke West: Calla Carter ’18 and Lizzy Muhammad ’18

Radnor: Anisha Kannambadi ’18 and Lia Yoo ’18

Rhoads North: Annika Cole ’18 and Isabel Rose ’18

Rhoads South: Mandolyn Ready ’18 and Kalaina Thorne ’18

Enid Cook ’31 Center: Jada Ceasar ’20 and Olivia Porte ’18

Rockefeller: Lourdes Alvarez ’18 and Abbygail Brewster ’18

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