SGA Representative Council 2022-2023

The following positions (with the exception of the Executive Board) serve as the voting body of the Assembly of the Self-Government Association. The Representative Council meets every Sunday at 8:00 in the Campus Center. These meetings are open to all members of SGA (the undergraduate student body of Bryn Mawr College).  

Executive Board: 

President: Ananya Hindocha ’23
Pronouns: she/her
Major(s): Political Science and Sociology
Email: ahindocha@bmc




Vice President: Desiree Bagot ’24
Pronouns: they/she
Major(s): Sociology with Health Studies Minor
Email: dbagot@bmc




Secretary: Bryn Osborne ’24
Pronouns: she/her
Major(s): Political Science with History Minor
Email: beosborne@bmc




Treasurer: Lola Rodrigues ’23
Pronouns: she/her
Major(s): Math
Email: lrodrigues@bmc




Treasurer: Catherine Fu ’23
Pronouns: she/her
Major(s): Psychology and Math
Email: jfu1@bmc






Head of the Honor Board: Carlee Warfield ’23
Pronouns: she/they
Major(s): Political Science, Philosophy, Gender and Sexuality Studies
Email: cwarfield@bmc




Chair of Social Justice and Equity: Fatmata Sesay ’23
Pronouns: she/her
Major(s): Psychology
Email: fsesay@bmc






Representative Council: 

Access Services Representative: To be elected

Activities and Orientation Assistants Representative: To be elected

Affinity of Multicultural Organizations (AMO) Leaders:
    1. Association of International Students: Verda Yildizli ‘23
    2. Hillel: Michelle Waksman ‘24
    3. Zami+: Romelia Guerrero ‘24
    4. Vietnamese Students Association: Yen Nguyen, Nhi Nguyen
    5. BaCaSo: Saeina Charles 
    6. Dharmic Students Association: Abhi Suresh ‘24, Darpan Chahal ‘24
    7. Asian Students Association: Becky Yu ‘24, Elizabeth Nuth ‘23
    8. Korean Students Association: Gillyoung Koh ‘24, Grace Choe
    9. Mujeres*: Lizzany Mayta ‘24, Leslie Torres 
    10. Mawrters for Immigrant Justice: Carolina Molina ‘23, Estefania Torres
    11. Japanese Students Association: Yui Kosukegawa 
    12. Rainbow Alliance: [???]
    13. Sisterhood: Beza Wondwossen ‘23, Abby Menen Braud
    14. South Asian Students: Aashna Dolwani, Anam Rawoof ‘24 (Fall), Fatima Irfan ‘24 (Spring)
    15. Muslim Students Association: Ameera Hussain ‘23(Fall), Fatima Irfan ‘24(Spring), Coumba Dianka
    16. Enable: Sophie Greer ‘23

Athletics Association Representative: Kayla Camille ’25

Board of Trustees Representative(s): Darpan Chahal ‘24

Committee on Public Safety [COPS] Head(s):

Curriculum Committee Head(s):

Elections Head(s): Lamisa Hossain ’25, Samia Islam ’25

Representative(s) to the Faculty:

Haverford Representative(s):

Civic Engagement Representative: 

Class Presidents:
2023 Class Presidents: Reese Carew-Lyons ’23, Ebrar Yilmaz ’23
2024 Class Presidents: Anai Dominguez ’24, Keyla Benitez ’24
2025 Class Presidents: Lamisa Hossain ’25, Samia Islam ’25
2026 Class Presidents: Esenia Bañuelos ’26

  1. ​Dorm President(s) from each residence hall other than Batten:
    1. Brecon: Sabrina Gray, Rosalie Tarsala ‘23
    2. Denbigh: Hanna Lawrence
    3. Erdman: Ayantae Cunningham, Emily Rosenberg
    4. Merion: Ilana Felsenfeld, Alex Rosen
    5. New Dorm: Anna De La Cuesta ‘25
    6. Pembroke East: Catie Robinson ‘23, Maddy Galli ‘24
    7. Pembroke West: ???
    8. Radnor: Ali Lair ‘23, Eva Peterson ‘23
    9. Rhoads North: Claire Brouillard, Georgia Reed
    10. Rhoads South: Katie Critchfield ‘23, Madi Wyttenbach ‘23
    11. Enid Cook ’31 Center: Saeina Charles, Jazmin Osorio-Rodriguez ‘24
    12. Rockefeller: Kaitlyn Ho, Sarah Davidson

Haverford College Representative: To be elected

Heads of Committees: 

    1. The Bryn Mawr Concert Series: Jasmin Diaz ‘23, Celina Navarrete ‘23, Helen Ehrlich ‘25
    2. The Campus Safety Committee: To be appointed
    3. The Committee on Institutional Memory: To be appointed
    4. The Conflict Resolution Committee: Elle Thompson ’23,
    5. The Constitutional Review Committee: Elle Thompson ‘23, Maia Tsalik ‘26
    6. The Elections Board: Lamisa Hossain ‘25, Samia Islam ‘25
    7. The Film Series: Izzy Goodrich ‘25
    8. The Financial Aid Advisory Board: Faia Kronick ‘23
    9. The Gender Inclusion Committee: Niyati Bantval ‘25
    10. The Green Ambassadors Committee: To be appointed
    11. The Health Center Advisory Board: Whitney Rigodon ‘24 and Kass Zhang ‘23
    12. The Major Council: To be appointed
    13. The Outreach and Communications Committee: Sabrina Gray ‘25
    14. The Plenary Committee: Nora Williamson ‘25
    15. The Residence Council: To be appointed
    16. The Seven Sisters Committee: Ava Capitelli ‘24
    17. The Social Committee: Darpan Chahal ‘24, Tessa Famatigan ‘24, Amy Tse ‘24, Ritzy Davidson ‘24
    18. The S.TEAM: Shriya Shivakumar ‘25
    19. The Student Athletic Advisory Committee: To be appointed
    20. The Student Curriculum Committee: Quinn Shing ‘24
    21. The Student Finance Committee: To be appointed
    22. The Traditions Committee: To be appointed (Darpan Chahal ‘24, Phoebe Bock ‘25, Julia Browning ‘25)
    23. The SGA Web Design Committee: Magdalen McCulloch ’24

Head of Residence Council: Taylor Walsh ‘23

Independent Major Representatives: Anam Rawoof ’24

McBride Representative: To be elected

Members-at-Large:  April Chernila ’25

Off-Campus Representative(s): to be elected

Pensby Center Representative: Aaniyah Alexander ’25

Residential Council Head(s): Taylor Walsh ’23

SGA Archivist: Carolina Molina ’23

Social Committee Head(s): Darpan Chahal ’24

Traditions Mistresses: Jazmin Osorio-Rodriguez ’24, Romelia Guerrero ’24

Transfer Representative(s): Bali Daniels, Graziella Pierangeli