Plenary, 3/26/23

Meeting Minutes for SGA Plenary, 3/26/23


In Attendance from E-Board:

President Ananya Hindocha ‘23

Vice President Desi Bagot ‘24

Secretary Bryn Osborne ‘24

Co-Treasurer Catherine Fu ‘23

Co-Treasurer Lola Rodrigues ‘23

Social Justice and Equity Chair Fatmata Sesay ‘23

Chair of the Honor Board Carlee Warfield ‘23


Groups called to Meeting: N/A, No votes occurring 


Meeting Agenda

  1. Plenary Discussion 

Plenary Discussion

Ananya Hindocha ‘23 read out the history and importance of plenary (text can be found in Plenary Packet) 


Ananya Hindocha ‘23 read out resolution 1, the reaffirmation of the SGA Constitution. There were no questions or comments


Ananya Hindocha ‘23 read out resolution 2, the recommitment to the values of the Honor Code, there were no questions or comments


Hannah Lawrence ‘23 read out resolution 3, improving signage and directions in Marion Edwards Park Science Building, there were no questions or comments


Ananya Hindocha ‘23 read out resolution 4, election requirements for the head of the honor board, there were no questions or comments


Maia Tsalik ‘26 from Constitutional Review Committee, read out resolution 5, creation of a student worker’s representative and committee.


Ananya Hindocha ‘23: We’ll be opening up appointments in April for all committees including this new one


Natalie Schliekelman ‘26: Will there be any specific roles on the committee? Like dining hall workers, TA role, etc? 

Maia Tsalik ‘26: That can be up to the Vice president. This amendment does not create specific requirements, but if in the future anyone in SGA, student body, or CRC feels it is necessary, those roles can be created.


Ananya Hindocha ‘23 read out resolution 6, SFC bylaws updates 


Ananya Hindocha ‘23: Most of these are not new and have already been in practice, it’s just making it clear in writing what is already going on. 


Maia Tsalik ‘26 read out resolution 7, routine updates to the SGA Constitution


Maia Tsalik ‘26: The main updates were to Institutional Memory Committee, and also institutionalizing the reupdating of Committee descriptions every fall for Constitution Review Committee.


Ananya Hindocha ‘23: There is still time to vote in elections, they close at 9 tonight We will be releasing the results at next SGA meeting and also hopefully have new E-Board make their introductions. If you know anyone who wants to be Vice President, we are looking for one to work with the next E-Board.


Maia Tsalik ‘26: Also if you know anyone in class of ‘24 to be on Honor Board, or traditions mistexes from class of ‘25, please reach out. 


Ananya Hindocha ‘23: We will then have our next set of elections


Maia Tsalik ‘26: Nominations for the next election will start next week, and will include vacating seniors, class presidents, SGA Vice President, and ‘24 Honor Board Reps. Does anyone have questions?


Brinkley Blum ‘26: To clarify, what classes are eligible for traditions, honor board positions?


Maia: Honor board is just class of ‘24, traditions is class of ‘25


Ananya Hindocha ‘23: If you know anyone in ‘25 who wants to be traditions mistex, please nominate them. The SGA Gala is on Friday, please RSVP right now. 


Bryn Osborne ‘24: There will be catering, photo booth, DJ, it will be super fun!


Ananya Hindocha ‘23: Yes, and there will be a special surprise for the first 100 people. Any other announcements? 


Desi Bagot ‘24: The Pulso showcase is this Saturday at 8pm in Marshall auditorium! 


Meeting adjourned at 7:23 PM