SGA Meeting 10-29-17

SGA Meeting 10-29-2017

Campus Center 7pm




In this meeting Nanda talked about the current appointments round going on: apply and encourage others to as well! The Social Committee head, Mary, gave a recap of the Campus Center Halloween party. We discussed some potential questions to ask the administration at Big Cheese next week. Be sure to bring your questions for admin to the event next Sunday, November 5th at 7pm in the Campus Center!

Roll Call


General Announcements


Alisha Clark ‘18: Does anyone have any general announcements?


Nanda Bhushan ‘19: appointment rounds for fall have just opened; so there are a lot of positions, basically we have open positions for

Board of Trustees Rep

Conflict resolution Committee

Elections Committee

Film Series

Green Ambassador

Financial Aid Advisory Board

Plenary Committee

We need two Independent Major Reps

Two Seven sister Committee Reps

Institutional Memory Committee Members

S.TEAM Members

Traditions Committee

So if you feel like you know anyone who would fit those roles invite them to the fb page and encourage them to apply. The applications will close the 5th at 12am and then interviews will follow. This is a huge round so please invite people to the fb event. Promote it to underclassman who might not know what it is. And upperclassman who you think would be good in the roles.


Alisha Clark ‘18: Most of these roles are really good on your resume so if you start early that looks even better for your resume. People will be impressed by the time that you spend in these roles.

So I ordered cookies tonight in the spirit of Halloween so I am waiting for them to come


RepCo Check-ins


Mary Cooper ’20: There were the Halloween parties yesterday this one went well, it was pretty small. Most of the food was eaten it was really fun and low-key. And there are three spots on social committee so be sure to apply for them!


Big Cheese Forum Discussion


Nanda Bhushan ‘19: It will be happening next weekend on November 5th it’s the normal time 7pm and so admin will stay late and answer all of our questions, open to anyone.


Alisha Clark ‘18: Next week we have big cheese, which is our biannual event where students can talk to admin in small groups. It looks like we are going to have 8people. Make sure that you all come because it is the same as a normal meeting in terms of attendance. There is probably going to be about 50-60 people here like including all of us. It may be a little tight. We am going to get cheese from Wegmans to get some nice cheese, get fancy. It is a time to have a direct contact with the admin and have the things that you want to get changed. They don’t see what we see and so it is nice to have that time to talk with them. Cuts out the middle-man, which is me, and have a direct way to talk instead. But the way to get what you want is to not be defensive or rude, be nice to them to get what you want. I am also going to send them some draft questions. I sent everyone an email with the list of cheeses this morning. Make sure that you all say that you are going on Facebook. So then your friends will see it too and that will build up conversations around Big Cheese.

I invited


Dean Walters

Cheryl Horsney

Bob Miller

Lil Burroughs

Stephanie Nixon

Reggie Jones


Robert Dostal who just said today that he can’t come. Apparently Mary Osirum will be coming back in November.

I invited Denise from Housekeeping next, because she was the next highest voted.

Still waiting for some people to write back.

We are going to come up with some questions now? What are some things you have in mind? For KCass


Kylah Fanning ‘20: Renaming college hall, making sure that it gets done.


Alisha Clark ‘18: During my meeting with her on Wednesday KCass said she wouldn’t mind talking about that or about DACA.


Kylah Fanning ‘20: My question would be if there is going to be a committee and when that will be formed.


’20: Committee is meeting for the first time next week.


Alisha Clark ‘18: Cheryl does everything from financial aid to overall curriculums for classes. You can ask her many things. The questions can be really flexible but should be tailored to their jobs.


Chloe Liu ‘21: I don’t know if there is anyone on the list who could but I have had many freshmen that want someone to explain the breakdown of the gpa and grading scale at Bryn Mawr.


Alisha Clark ‘18: I am assuming that there are multiple people who could answer that question, I would ask Dean Walters


Chloe Liu ‘21: I had two people tell me that they were considering transferring because of the gap and so we told them to come to big cheese to talk to the people there.


Calla Carter ‘18: I think that for grading sharing stories would not be the best technique I think looking at a list of colleges who have our scale and a list who have another and show the differences. I think that data would be really helpful.


Alisha Clark ‘18: A lot of schools within our area, when we compare they don’t have the same grading system. So maybe bringing in something similar.


Calla Carter ‘18: I don’t want to diminish feelings but I just don’t think that it is that effective of an argument in this particular case.


Nanda Bhushan ‘19: one more things. For groups and committees who have been trying to present things to the admin directly. This is the place where you would be able to do so, seeing their thoughts and asking for advice on next steps.


Alisha Clark ‘18: I will try and draft some questions and you can send me some


Una Giurgea ‘20: I had a friend who made a request for a Bryn Mawr radio station and she was approved for everything except for funding but she was denied because they would need a space for I am trying to get her again

Also someone spoke to me about why we do not have a gender and sexuality department, and this semester we didn’t have any classes available that were not cross listed as something else.


Alisha Clark ‘18: I think that that would be Cheryl


Nanda Bhushan ‘19: I think that a lot of what you touched on was important. You can really bring out anything to talk about whether it be infrastructure, academic buildings, etc. I think that environmental studies is now becoming a major because it was presented in so many spaces. It may seem unimportant but if it is important for you then bring it up.


Alisha Clark ‘18: I think there should be a fund available to help our low-income students to pay for books and other expensive. I have been speaking to some alums who have been trying to create it, and its been denied because the only want alums to donate to the general fund.


Una Giurgea ‘20: I know bmc has a policy that you are not allowed to apply for financial aid after you have been here, so I just want to ask why that policy exists.


Alisha Clark ‘18: Just hype up big cheese, make sure that people know that we are going to have good cheese there and grape juice that we can pretend is wine


Trivia Time


Q: What famous movie references the concepts of big cheese?

A: Halloween town

Point for 2019