SGA Meeting 10-8-17

SGA Meeting 10-8-17

Campus Center 7pm




This meeting we mainly began to talk about Big Cheese which is coming up on November 5th. People shared recommendations for which admin should be invited to the event. Alisha also began a general report back on the information shared at the Board of Trustees meeting.

General Announcements


Alisha Clark ’18: Time for general announcements

Mary Cooper ’20: As you know there is the dry Halloween party in the Campus center while Radnor is going on, and I am hosting it if you want to work or have ideas for the party please email me

Alisha Clark ‘18: Does anyone know what they want to be for Halloween yet?

(People answer with possible costumes)


Lets Revisit


Alisha Clark ‘18: I really don’t like Roberts rules at all, I think it is silencing to certain people. I think it is awful if there are more than 20 people during Roberts rules. I did it for last rep co and they loved it. I don’t think that I have asked you, but do you want to do Roberts rules for these weekly meetings?


Sierra Bradshaw Kreimer ‘20: I still don’t understand Robert’s rules and so I feel like it would be nice to still just talk like people


Annika Cole ‘18: Clarifying question, would we be using the structure or language?


Alisha Clark ’18: Both, like for plenary structure is there and the language is gone. We could implement it easily here. We could learn and grow together.


Carolyn Cannizzaro ‘19: if we wanted to make this a microcosm for plenary we could we implement the structure without the language.


Calla Carter ‘18: I feel like Roberts rules is better for big groups than small groups because I feel like when we are a small group we are able to just talk.


Alisha Clark ‘18: Other comments or feelings or do you like the way things are now?


Yabundu Conteh ‘20: what exactly is Roberts rules?


Alisha Clark ‘18: It is a set of rules like tabling,


Nanda Bhushan ‘19: Things like be it resolved, whereas, stuff that would confuse people if they have not be exposed to it in general. We have shown the student support. If you have concerns you can email us.


Lizzy Muhammed ‘18: maybe we could try one with and one without because I feel like we do not know enough to make that decision right now.


Alisha Clark ‘18: it is with structure and voting. One thing we are talking about is big cheese one thing we can practice is trying to use big cheese


Big Cheese


(look at notes for this section about big cheese)


Alisha Clark ‘18: big cheese is another place to get things done, as well as plenary and just talking to me, because I have a lot of connections. Big cheese will be held November 5th at 7pm in the campus center, so we are going to have admin come. So if you have people you want to see, let us know. KCass is already coming. Does anyone have any names right now?


Jada Caesar ‘18: Who are we inviting, admin?


Alisha Clark ‘18: Yes admin


Jada Caesar ‘18: Dean Walters


Sierra Bradshaw-Kreimer ‘20: Reggie or whoever runs the health center


Sasha Rogelberg ‘19: Vanessa Christman


Jada Caesar ‘18: Stephanie Nixon


Alisha Clark ‘18: new Chief Enrollment Officer, Cheryl Horsney

Is there anyone on this campus who you see and you think, who is that person what do they actually do. Or anyone that you think that what they do is


Isabel Rose ‘18: Provost Osirium


Alisha Clark ’18: She is on sabbatical

Robbery Daustin is the interim provost


Lizzy Muhammad ‘18: Deb Alder


Natalie Kawam ‘19: Megan Pongratz


Alisha Clark ‘18: someone from the cpd maybe


Jada Caesar ‘18: chuck heyduck


Sierra Bradshaw Kreimer ‘20: Lillian burroughs


Alisha Clark ‘18: Denise from housekeeping


Jada Caesar ‘18: people from LITS, because we don’t really think about them or really interact with them.


Sasha Rogelberg ‘19: Christiana from Special Collections


Jada Caesar ‘18: Joanna Pintequeo, new geology prof


Phoebe Dopolus ’19: Angie sheets, cause I really like her


Alisha Clark ‘18: I really like her too


Nanda Bhushan ‘19: whoever is in charge of park renovations


Liv Phillips ‘19: can we also have Vianna if we also have Angie


Anna: Jennifer Prudencizo


Alisha Clark ‘18: If you think of someone please email that to me


Nanda Bhushan ‘19: we will also be creating a Facebook event so you can say there


Board of Trustees


Alisha Clark ‘18: the meeting went really well. They are having discussions about the diversity of the board and they are really trying to focus on showing up for themselves. Especially around fundraising. The Bryn Mawr fund is going really well. Next meeting I will give you the exact number, it is a lot of money. They want to stress donating, no amount is too small. She wants us to imagine the money as a pyramid. Our foundation is what tends to make up the entire pyramid. Our small donations really add up. If you have 5 dollars to spare give it to Bryn Mawr. Maybe we could invite someone from that there


Phoebe Dopulos ’19: Shannon Gotesman


Alisha Clark ‘18: this is money that we may not see but it is for future generations of bryn mawr


Nanda Bhushan ‘19: people who donate actually look at the senior gift participation to decide if they want to donate, which if they are not it is totally fair, but just keep this in mind


Alisha Clark ‘18: although Bryn Mawr is not perfect. I find my encounters with you all as worth it, this is one thing that I will always remember, I love learning something new from the student body. You teach me so much beyond what others could teach me,

Bringing it Home


Alisha Clark ‘18: it will end by Wednesday, we will be sending the things on Thursday, I am working on making this an official campaign that is sustainable and run though sga. There is no official transition when you are coming into this role.

After spring break I am going to launch a pay it forward campaign. I think we have community but I think it will be good to do little acts of kindness for one another. It will be something small but hopefully the whole campus can be a part


Nanda Bhushan ‘19: Applications for all committees are opening this Thursday and will be open all through fall break. I will be crating a Facebook group for the current members of committees. I will be meeting with committees individually after break to really be solidifying roles. So look out for the doodle poll for that. It wont be much, only one meal with me.


Trivia Time


Q: What is Bryn Mawr’s flower?

A; The Daisy

Trivia point goes to 2019