April 6, 2014 Minutes

Syona calls the meeting to order at 7:10 PM


Alexis De La Rosa ‘15: April appointments are coming up! Nominations will be a week from this week. The week of the 21st will be interviews.

Molly MacDougal ‘16: April elections are coming up! Nominations are open next Monday the 14th at 9am. After this meeting, there will be a mixer. The positions up for election: Resco heads, Student Curriculum Committee Head, Traditions Mistress(es)/master(s)/mist(ex, Social Committee and Head, CEO rep, songsmistress(es)/master(s)/mist(ex), three honor board positions (1 2015, 1 2016, 1 2017)

Traditions reps: We’re having another rummage sale, Sunday the 13th 12-4pm. Lantern night tshirts will be available.

Syona Arora 15: Asked Bernie Chung Templeton about changes in dining services with the eco friendly products. Bernie Chung Templeton sent an email to the EBoard saying that the dining halls have been composting, and that the new materials and composting in common grounds in lusty is part on going effort to be environmental stewards. The dining halls’ budget will not be affected by changes. The community conversation about race, is Monday at 4-6pm, everyone encouraged to stay for the whole time. There’s an agenda. This town hall is for students, faculty, and staff, please encourage them to attend. We tried to schedule it at t time where we felt the most people could attend. The goal of the town hall is to identify individual behaviors and attitudes and examine how race is communicated in the community. Please encourage your constituents to attend.

Elizabeth: Dorm president nominations begin this Wednesday the ninth. This Wednesday is apartment room draw, hall group draw, and multiple occupancy draw. I will be tabling most of the draws. Senior and Junior room draw is the 15th at 9 PM. Sophomore draw is April 16th at Thomas Great Hall. Email evandenburg @ bmc for any further questions.

ResCo Heads: Two announcements: Hall group and apartment draw is this Wednesday. The following Wednesday is rising senior and junior draw, then sophomore draw on Thursday. There are calendars everywhere if you need to know details. If you know anyone or are interested in running to be a dorm president, we’ll be hanging around afterwards. Resco next Thursday will hold a Dorm Q and A for students to learn more about the dorm culture, in lieu of traditional of open house. It’s a good time to get to know more about the position from people who currently hold it.

The Reinstatement of the Constitutional Review Committee

Some people from the committee are here. The purpose of this committee is to revise the Constitution of the Self-Government Association of the Undergraduate School of Bryn Mawr College and present changes as it deems fit to the undergraduate student body at Plenary for approval. The Committee shall work with current and past Assembly members in order to present constitutional revisions that accurately reflect the roles and responsibilities of members of the Assembly and the aspects of SGA that they oversee. This Committee shall be renewed until Fall Plenary 2015. After this Plenary, the Constitutional Review Committee will become active every two years to review the SGA Constitution and present revisions to the undergraduate student body at Plenary as it deems fit. The committee shall consist of six undergraduates, to be appointed by the Appointments Committee, as well as the Secretary/Parliamentarian of SGA. The Committee shall have a Head, a position that may be held by up to two people, which shall be chosen by members of the committee. Due to the current, extenuating circumstances, the current members of the Constitutional Review Committee shall retain their positions as members of the committee for the rest of the semester. The positions will be re-appointed in April and in following rounds to fill the position next semester.

The committee was going to present at spring plenary to be reinstated, but quorum was lost before they could present, so they were unable to reinstate the committee . We’re going to do a vote to reinstate this committee

Yes: Christine Newville, Danielle Weisman, Chrystyna Colon, Sarah Lovegren, Danielle Arad-Neeman, Emma Burke, Jancy Mungia, Natalie Zamora, Jenna Ross , Odeymarys Garrido, Noor Masannat, Xavia Miles, Sarah Gilmour, Jessica Ferreira, Meg Sumner-Moore, Lindsay Burak, Sam Terry, Anna Sargent

Big Cheese Recap and Discussion

Syona Arora ‘25: This agenda item is not so much of a recap as a discussion. They took time out to discuss the posed questions. We’re going to work towards making big cheese more of a discussion rather than a Q& A . Come November keep an eye out for changes to the formatting of the forum. Feel free to approach the mike and add comments.

Nora Scheland ‘15: have you heard back from the big cheeses about their reactions?

Syona Arora ‘15: We’ve met with a few. They said that they thought it was interesting and it was not as productive to have a question and answer format. They thought that it was a lot of big cheeses talking at students, and the conversation would’ve had more of a fruitful income through interaction. I think that’s what faculty and staff are interested in—a space for conversation over question and answer.

Emma Rosenblum ‘14: Did they have suggestions on how to not make it a q and a? There’s an inevitable two way presentation process. We could have a table where each Cheese sits and have a conversation.

Alexis De La Rosa ‘15: I spoke with students who suggested a different way the room is set up or different locations so that student scan interact more physically and emotionally with the faculty and staff.

Syona Arora ‘15: Any other questions comments or changes? These are ongoing conversations that we’d like to continue to have.