April 20, 2014 Minutes

Present: Emma Rosenblum, Anna Kalinsky, Jenna Myers, Kayla Bondi, Alex Francendese, Sarah Gilmour, Molly MacDougal, Rhett Rhichardson, Danielle Arad-Neeman, Dani Weisman, Emily Garcia, Erin Salidin, Sofia Oleas, Danyelle Phillips, Nina Shmorhun, Anna Sargent, Chrystyna Colon, Rachel Feynmen, Pamudu Tennakoon, Christine Newville, Jessica Ferriera, Jancy Munguia, Sara Kim, Karunya Venugopal, Noor Masanat, Odeymarys Garrido,

Absent: Lucy Gleysteen, Kaeun Bae, Meg Sumner-Moore, Natalie Zamora, Phoebe Jordan, Ivy Drexel, Celeste Gambino, Xavia Miles, Christina Tse, Angela Blatz, Lindsay Burak, Sam Terry, Emma Burke, Frankie Leech, Jennifer Mendez Alba,

Syona calls the meeting to order at 7:10 PM


Elizabeth Vandenburg ‘16: Hey everyone! I’m the outgoing Elections head, and I’m running Dorm President elections. Dorm president elections are this Thursday at ten PM. Nominations have been extended until Tuesday, and the deadline to accept is Wednesday. Send nominations to Evandenburg@bmc.

Molly MacDougal ‘16: I’m the current head of the elections board. April elections start tomorrow at 9am and close Tuesday. Positions up for nomination are Social Committee Head, Resident’s council Head, Class presidents (2015, 2016, 2017), CEO rep, Songs Mistresses/Masters/Mistex, Honor Board position (3 1 year positions for 2015, 1 1-year positions for 2016, 1 1- year positions for 2017, 1 2-year positions for 2017.

Rhett Richardson ‘15: Three announcements: Pensby is compiling an annual report about issue of identity around campus and will be compiled quantitatively. Contact future Pensby rep and Stephanie Nixon ( for more info. 2. We are revamping Social Justice Program. We’re going to restart it in honor of recent campus events. There’ll be more sustained dialogue and sustained action between students and faculty. There’s a meeting about it tomorrow 4-6. There’ll be food. 3. Tomorrow CDA reps will host conversation on “All-Women’s college?” at Merion on Monday and Rock on Tuesday.

Anna Sargent ‘15: This Friday we’re having a hell week forum to discuss how we envision it and how we plan to carry it on in next few years.

Syona Arora ‘15: Rep council should have received emails about an exit survey. Please fill them out before May 1st.

Your Two Cents

Syona Arora ‘15: I’m curious as to if you guys have any presentations that you’d like to see. In planning big cheese, there were topics that we didn’t have time to address. Are there groups, people you’d like to see, or topics you’d like to see? Email SGA exec board if you have suggestions

Information on the International Student and Advising

Syona Arora ‘15: A lot of students have been curious about what has been going in regards to ISO. Patti Lausch sent me an email giving a run down about how ISO and customs are being integrated. A lot of the ISO programming has been combined with customs week to cut down on the redundancy…We’re interested in seeing ISO be represented at SGA. This authority could fall under Pensby representative or be new rep. Does anyone have any questions? Please email if you have suggestions on how students can be represented.

A Discussion about Students and Housekeeping

Syona Arora ‘15: Some concern has risen about SGA house. There’s a trend that indicates students are unaware that everyone is responsible for SGA kitchen. We wanted to make a reminder about that. We want someone to keep a running inventory about what is and isn’t at SGA house. If anyone wants to take initiative, talk to Emma Rosenblum or Anna Kalinsky. This is part of a larger discussion about respecting spaces in dorms and on campus. Housekeeping is a resource. Often they aren’t contacted when things are broken. Contact them and be respectful. Potentially we could have Dorm Presidents reach out to housekeeping to make sure there’s an open line of contact. If they’re any issues on either side the DPs can be aware.

Karina Siu ‘14: What were the issues that prompted the discussion?

Emma Rosenblum ‘14: This past Wednesday, we got information from facilities and housekeeping about state of SGA house. There were issues with not cleaning dishes in general, not running the dishwasher, leaving the food unlabeled/undated to mold in fridge. General issues with the plumbing. Students threw paper towels down the sewer. It hit the Lower merion town line. People leaving the space really messy and unclean with the idea that someone else will take car of it. There’s been a general lack of care. They worry if we need another student position to take care of it. The other side is that it seems that they are concerned that students can govern their own space.

Anna Kalinsky ‘15: Unfortunately this is seen as have students can have right to space.

Karina Siu ‘14: Is SGA house talked about during customs week?

Syona Arora ‘15: What do you mean?

Karina Siu ‘14: Is it mentioned that it is responsibility of students to take care of it?

Syona Arora ‘15: I don’t think its part of overviewed info shared during customs week. It’s talked about casually. Potentially having conference and events mention that. I don’t think its specifically addressed during customs week.

Karina Siu ’14: I don’t know if it has to be a big discussion.

Syona Arora ‘15: Any other questions or comments?

Michaela Olson ‘15: Since there are people here, they could be connected to greater discussions we’re having, could it be opened up to bigger housekeeping discussions?

Syona Arora ‘15: Suggestions?

Michaela Olson ‘15: Could this be a bigger discussion to want to have later? An open dialogue at a different SGA meeting?

Syona Arora ‘15: Like respecting spaces in general? We’ll keep that in mind.

Karina Siu ‘14: I wanted to say that the brooms are locked up. It would help if it weren’t locked up.

Syona Arora ‘15: Looking into a larger conversation about space and keeping accountability and respect in mind. Emma and Anna are the contact people about Tuesday group. Email for more questions.


No old business.

New Business

Syona Arora ‘15: Next week at SGA we’re going to ask outgoing rep council positions to give a report back on what they’ve done this term. Does anyone feel comfortable sharing how their term has gone. This has arisen from conversation last week about SGA inclusivity. Everyone can be in a greater awareness of the positions that make up the representative council.

Karina Siu ‘14: I’m the Student Athlete Advisory committee president. I’m the representative of Athletes to the department to SGA. The past two years we’ve been doing a lot of outreach to people to make sure people learn about our community and being involved. We’ve done a lot of work with fan appreciation games, etc. Another thing that’s been up’ed is community service. We have a lot of think pink games that raise awareness for cancer research, we work with Rally, helps adults with mental disability, Polar Plunge, people jump into cold water for money. Each team does fundraising for themselves. I did revamp the blog on fb, instagram, twitter, we’re very involved with putting the SAAC conference on its feet. I’ve been in discussion with the provost, faculty to talk about 4-6 slot which is encroached upon a lot. It’s held for athletes, whose practices conflict with those times. The new president will be here next year.

Syona Arora ‘15: Rep council, that’s what you’ll look forward to next week and get to know people.

Meeting adjourned at 7:35 PM