Recap of 2014 Spring Plenary

The Association passed 3 out of 12 resolutions on February 23, 2014.

The first resolution called for the reaffirmation of the Association’s commitment to self-governance, the Constitution, and the Honor Code. Syona Arora ’15, Alexis De La Rosa ’15, Charlie Bruce ’16, Rachel Clark ’16, and Melanie Bahti ’16, the 2014-2015 SGA Executive Board, presented this resolution.

The second resolution, titled Constitutional Name Change of the Recycling Committee to the Green Ambassadors Committee, was presented by Rudrani Sarma ’16 and Piper Martz ’16.

The third resolution, titled More Gender Flexible Language in the SGA Constitution, was presented by Sofia Oleas ’15 and Elizabeth Vandenberg ’16.

The fourth resolution, Inserting Content Warnings in Syllabi, presented by Brenna Levitin ’16 and Emmett Binkowski ’16, as well as the following eight resolutions, were unable to be voted upon as quorum was lost and not regained after a waiting period of one hour. A vote was taken with those in attendance, andit was decided to conclude Plenary. The remaining eight resolutions, along with their resolution writers, are listed below. The resolutions that were not presented and passed can be presented at Fall 2014 Plenary at the resolution writers’ discretion.

Adjusting Pool of Faculty Representatives to the Honor Board, Maura Dillon ’14, Amani Chowdhury ‘14

Allowing Dean’s Designee in Honor Board Hearings, Eun-young Park ’15, Amani Chowdhury ‘14

Defining Third Party Resources in Conflict Resolution, Melanie Bahti ’16, Molly MacDougall ’16, Amani Chowdhury ‘14

Updating the General Language of the SGA Constitution, Sarah Lovegren ’14, Elizabeth Vandenberg ‘16

Revisions to Article IV of the SGA Constitution, Sarah Lovegren ’14, Elizabeth Vandenberg ‘16

Revisions to Article IIIof the SGA Constitution, Sarah Lovegren ’14, Elizabeth Vandenberg ‘16

Resolution to Renew the Constitutional Review Committee, Sarah Lovegren ’14, Elizabeth Vandenberg ‘16

Establishing a Time Limit for Reaching Quorum, Special Plenary, and Digital Reaffirmation, Natalie Zamora ’14, Nora Scheland ’15, Aine Sheehan ’15, Marisa Rafsky ’16, Jessica Villalta-Santana ’16, Gwendolyn Vary ’17, Natalie Kato ’14, Rebecca Cook ’15, Syona Arora ’15, Amy Chen ’14, Amani Chowdhury ‘14