Sunday, February 2, 2014 Minutes

SGA Meeting 02/02/1

Natalie calls the meeting to order at 2:10 PM.

Absent: Daniele Arad-Neeman, Sara Kim, Kaeun Bae, Angela Blatz, Hannah Hastings, Alex Beda, Jessica Ferriera, Kayla Bondi, Sofia Oleas, Alexandra Krusinski, Jessica Arbon, Jenna Myers, Jennifer Mendez Alba, Namita Dwarakanath, Dani Weismann, Emma Burke


Karina Siu ‘14: If you haven’t signed up for Fit Club you should. On Monday February 3rd we start classes! On Wednesday February 5th we are celebrating National Girls and Women in Sports Day. There will be stuff in the Campus Center and the Owl will be here! At 7:30 we’re having a movie screening with snacks and drinks. Please come out and come celebrate.

There will be a Mellon Mays information session about what it is and who is eligible to apply. It will be on Wednesday from 6-7PM in Dalton 119. Open to Sophomores and US citizens.

Elizabeth Vandenberg ‘16: The nominations period ends tonight at 9PM. The deadline to accept is tomorrow. Positions up for reelection are the entire Exec Boad, the Appointments Committee, and Elections Head. Voting will take place on Moodle from Monday February 10th at 9 AM to Tuesday February 11th at 7 PM.

Anna Sargeant ‘15: is open! Please remember to tell people to come to the Heller/Hellee Mixer on February 4th in the Campus Center from 8-10PM hosted by the 2016 and 2017 class presidents.

Nora Scheland ‘15: Dates and times and places for Plenary Resolution Writing Workshops:

Monday 8PM

Thursday 7PM

Saturday 2PM

All in Taylor Seminar. Please come if you have a resolution either from last semester or a new one for this semester. We will workshop them with you.

Anna Kalinsky ‘15: Last semester we talked about Donald Bromowitz and an environmental safety student and faculty committee on smoking. We want to have students who smoke to be on the smoking committee. If you are interested, email Donald.

Sam Terry ‘14: Post-SGA on February 9th at 9 PM in the Campus Center we are holding a forum centered on hell week and hazing. It’s a community-wide discussion.

Lindsey Crowe ‘14: Jancy and I emailed the class of 2014 for t-shirt designs. The deadline is Tuesday at 8AM. This is for fundraising for senior cocktails.

Amani Chowdhury ‘14: There is an open meeting with the honor board tomorrow in Thomas 102 at 7:30. You can discuss a resolution we are writing which will address who students can go to in times of conflict. It is open to anyone. This resolution will impact future generations. Also there is an honor board reorientation for upperclassmen. It is a reminder of the honor code. Come out to that! Saturday February 8th at 10AM in Thomas 110. Honor code tab on the SGA page has been updated. If you find yourself needing to know what’s going to happen in times of conflict, or if you have questions, feel free to go through the tab. There are flowcharts on proper steps involved in a hearing. There are templates for writing a statement. Honor board is putting together an event about the honor code. Tentative title is ‘Why we love the honor code’ and it highlights relationships. The dates are February 13th-14th.

Your 2 Cents:

Sarah Lovegren ‘14: I’d like to talk about email usage in the listserv and what it means to forward an email to your constituents.

Elizabeth Vandenberg ‘16: I agree with your point about constituencies. Most members of the Representative Council have vague constituencies.

Sarah Lovegren ‘14: Who is our constituency? Who do we send things to? Information gets passed on and there’s nothing we can do about it.

Closed Events Presentation for Funding and Voting:

Natalie Kato ‘14: We will be voting for closed events funding as per new sfc bylaws. These are events that are not advertised.

The first presentation is from Melina Koukoutchos for the athletic association banquet. The reviewed budget of $8,540 is consistent with this event in the past and also similar events.

Melina Koukoutchos ‘16: This is for the 34th athletic association banquet. It honors student athletes for dedication and commitment and celebrates each team after year of competition. It will be held on May 6th and we are expecting an attendance of 300 including athletes, coaches, faculty, staff, and guests. There is a list of all of the teams attending.

The budget is $8,540. The bulk is Wyndham catering. This includes food, dishware, service, and transportation of food from Wyndham to TGH, and also $40 for invitations.

Colin Baumann ‘14: What did your event cost last year?

Melina Koukoutchos ‘16: $8,500 for catering and last year we got $100 for invites but this year we cut it down.

Natalie Kato ‘14: We also wanted to offer aside from $8,540 if anyone wanted to recommend another option for the budget.

Danyelle Phillips ‘14: How does closed events funding work? How many more are there?

Natalie Kato ‘14: There is also a presentation from senior class presidents. I am not sure about the total amount of money.

Karina Siu ‘14: It’s not really a specific pool. They just fund these events. They are not taking money away.

Elizabeth Vandenberg ‘16: Club budgeting is happening right now and budgets are getting cut. What’s the procedure?

Natalie Kato ‘14: There is nothing strictly in place in the bylaws. Closed events presenters applied, the treasurer reviewed them, and she saw if there were places to cut compared to other things cut across the board. For example, invitations were cut. She offered a recommended price. They could accept it or go with the original price.

Elizabeth Vandenberg ‘16: My question is actually if so many clubs get budgets cut why did this event only get their $8,600 cut by $50?

Karina Siu ’14: We don’t have room for cutting. This is the 34th year. We didn’t add different costs. Wyndham is non-negotiable.

Emma Rosenblum ‘14: Is this in addition to funding from the athletics department?

Karina Siu ‘14: This is our funding of the banquet. This isn’t the athletic department. They do pay the same if not more as well as other closed events for athletics that we do not fund.

Natalie Kato ‘14: This funding is in addition to what they get through budgeting in general. Any group on camps can apply.

Approve budget: Meg Sumner-Moore, Colin Baumann, Elizabeth Vandenberg, Rhett Richardson, Emily Garcia, Danyelle Phillips, Nina Shmorhun, Emma Rosenblum, Natalie Zamora, Celeste Gambino, Erin Saladin, Noor Massanat, Karunya Venugopal, Odeymarys Garrido, Jessica Ferriera, Sarah Lesser, Lindsey Crowe, Lucy Gleysteen, Alex Francendese, Anna Sargeant, Karina Siu

Do not approve:
Abstain: Sarah Gilmour, Sarah Lovegren, Carolyn Jacoby

Natalie Kato ‘14: This budget has been approved.

Next up is the senior class. They asked for $42,500 which is the amount that Amy has recommended

Jancy Munguia ‘14: The budget is two different components – non-senior week and senior week. The fourth senior cocktails is around $500. Broken down it’s $300 for food and $200 for decorations. We will also have a May Day hoop decorating tea with traditions so the senior class can purchase hoops and decorate hoops.

Lindsey Crowe ‘14: Senior week goes to Six Flags, the Phillies game, Atlantic City, and the Brunswick zone. The booze cruise is funded by the President’s office but with inflation, in order to buy out the boat for just the senior class, they asked for $1,000 in case they couldn’t cover the entire charge. Transportation for everything is $25,000.

Karina Siu ’14: How does this compare to last year’s budget?

Lindsey Crowe ‘14: We came under budget after last year’s. Last year they had a Saturday event. Ours is just a giant kick off cocktail.

Natalie Kato ’14:

I approve: Pamudu Tennakoon, Alex Francendese, Sam Terry, Phoebe Jordan, Jessica Ferriera, Chrystyna Colon, Xavia Miles, Emma Rosenblum, Karina Siu, Erin Saladin, Celeste Gambino, Natalie Zamora, Danyelle Phillips, Emily Garcia, Rhett Richardson, Elizabeth Vandenberg, Meg Sumner-Moore, Colin Baumann, Carolyn Jacoby, Noor Massanat, Karunya Venugopal, Odeymarys Garrido, Jancy Munguia

I do not approve:

I abstain: Sarah Lovegren, Sarah Gilmour, Christine Newville

Money Allocation Discussion and Voting:

Natalie Kato ‘14: We were informed that SAW had budgeted for the culture show and senior gifts for this coming budgeting spring 2014. What should have happened is that if people are spending money within 3 weeks of the new semester you budget for it the semester prior. This has been a trend that in previous years clubs spend money before it has been approved by the Rep Council. We have been trying to monitor this more closely this year. This is a large amount of money which is why we wanted to leave it in the hands of the Rep Council.

SAW requested $2,050 which included $1,800 for the culture show, $200 for the DJ, and $50 for senior gifts.

Pamudu Tennakoon ‘15: Do they have anything else other than culture show?

Natalie Kato ‘14: Just the culture show and senior gift.

Danyelle Phillips ‘14: Did they in the fall turn in the budget and the culture show wasn’t on there – was there any communication, why wasn’t it brought up in the fall?

Natalie Kato ‘14: It was unknown to us that the culture show would happen this early. It was expected to apply through spring for a later time.

All interviews have not occurred. Amy is currently going through budgets and seeing how much every club has requested and seeing where things can be cut.

Emma Rosenblum ‘14: It’s unclear as to what refunding and penalty would be.

Natalie Kato ‘14: It will be decided by Amy and the SFC, something of equal amount as the culture show, possibly the culture show or next semester’s budget.

Karina Siu ‘14: Can we not wait until seeing the rest of the budgets and what cuts need to be done? It’s already been spent.

Natalie Kato ‘14: It will affect the larger budget if this money is not refunded. Then Amy could use that money to allocate to other clubs but if it will be refunded it should be incorporated into this semester’s budget.

Meg Sumner-Moore ‘15: Another option might be to do a partial refund. Maybe 50% or 70%. Talking about ‘refund with penalty’ means we might have this problem again in the fall.

Natalie Kato ‘14: We can add another option ‘partial refund’.

Elizabeth Vandenberg ‘14: What was process about sending out via eail?

Natalie Kato ‘14: It was the consensus of the EBoard. It was important to have a vote online ASAP. We could have called a meeting but didn’t think we would get quorum. That money was about to be spent in less than 24 hours. We wanted to have a decision for SAW to tell them what would happen with the money prior to the show. We got emails back with people feeling uncomfortable. We met as a group emergency board meeting and decided to table discussion for the SGA meeting.

Erin Saladin ‘16: Any discussion about how to make it more clear to club treasurers that they need to extend into the next semester?

Natalie Kato ‘14: Trying to. It’s in the bylaws. It’s announced at leadership orientation workshops. It’s emailed out through the treasurer listserv. Really that is how we are getting the message across. If you have suggestions we would love to hear them.

Elizabeth Vandenberg ‘16: I didn’t feel comfortable voting because of rules that govern meetings – constitution and meeting procedure. Online vote would have violated meeting procedure.

Natalie Kato ‘14: We understand your concerns and the concerns of others and that is why we decided to table and not use those votes. People make mistakes and we made one when we sent out this email.

Elizabeth Vandenberg ‘16: Are these documents even relevant?

Natalie Kato ‘14: We can have this discussion later. We are trying to get to the bottom line right now which is to decide about SAW’s budget.

Sam Terry ’14: When we put on that option to a partial refund who is absorbing that extra cost?

Natalie Kato ‘14: That money comes from an individual.

Sam Terry ‘14: The penalty is not to SAW as a group, it’s to an individual. That’s not very fair.

Jessica Ferriera ‘14: How is this going to affect clubs that did submit their budget?

Natalie Kato ‘14: If it is not approved then that $2,050 will be allocated and available for other clubs.

Jessica Ferriera ‘14: Is there enough money for other groups that did budget?

Sheena Gopal ’15: We just wanted to put in our words. The problem arose because from years past we had done this. We’ve always had our annual culture show on February 2nd or that weekend and we’ve never been told in the past that it’s wrong. We’ve never been told it’s against the rules. We don’t think it’s fair to all of a sudden, even though we have been doing it in the past, all of the sudden be completely penalized. We understand the issue and understand what the problem is. We don’t think it’s fair to be completely penalized. As we created our budget we didn’t expect to be fully privileged or more privileged with others. We were prepared for a budget cut but not a full budget cut.

Colin Baumann ‘14: Is this a simple majority vote? Is it whichever of the five options get the most vote?

Natalie Kato ‘14: If we vote yes we will fund the club in some capacity and if we vote no we will not fund the club. If we vote to fund it we will break it down: Entirely, penalty, or partial

Swetha Narasimhan ‘15: I wanted to add that we realize our mistake and we really understand in the future upcoming boards will not use our budgets as precedents and will budget for the club first semester or move the culture show later in the second semester so it doesn’t arise again. This is regardless of the vote but I just wanted to put that out there.

Rhett Richardson ‘15: Even if we fully fund SAW and do not ‘make an example’ of them this issue will still be very much put at the forefront.

Natalie Kato ‘14: We will take that back to Amy. I have a feeling that we will be adding on to the bylaws.

Natalie Kato ‘14: The options are

Not fund SAW Spring 2014:

Fund SAW Spring 2014 in some capacity: Pamudu Tennakoon, Alex Francendese, Sam Terry, Xavia Miles, Lindsey Crowe, Jessica Ferriera, Sarah Lesser, Odeymarys Garrido, Karunya Venugopal, Noor Massanat, Karina Siu, Erin Saladin, Emma Rosenblum, Christine Newville, Sarah Lovegren, Carolyn Jacoby, Colin Baumann, Meg Sumner-Moore, Elizabeth Vandenberg, Rhett Richardson, Danyelle Phillips, Emily Garcia, Natalie Zamora


We will be funding them in some capacity. Break it down to different options

Karina Siu ‘14: Is the penalty going to be decided by SFC? Will it be presented to SGA or discuss next meeting what penalty should be?

Natalie Kato ‘14: The penalty will be presented to SGA. Do you mean prior to decision?

Karina Siu ‘14: We should have a voice as to what penalty should be.

Natalie Kato ‘14: If the club is funded entirely then the penalty will be decided for next semester – different options the SFC and treasurer come up with will be decided as well as if anyone has recommendations for penalty. It’s another discussion.

Anna Sargeant ‘15: I was wondering where 50-70% came from.

Natalie Kato ‘14: From Meg.

Emma Rosenblum ‘14: I’m uncomfortable about voting without knowing what the penalty would be. I think personally it’s an uninformed vote just to not know. I could suggest maybe tabling it until we hear what the proposed penalty is.

Natalie Kato ‘14: We need to make a decision for budget allocations

Sarah Lovegren ‘14: Does Rhett’s suggestion fall under the penalty option or can Rhett’s proposal be an option?

Pamudu Tennakoon ‘15: Can we decide the amount of money?

Natalie Kato ‘14: We can combine partial refund into one category. If partially refunded is chosen we will decide what the amount is and also if there is a penalty.

Karina Siu ‘14: For the penalty next semester – when will that be decided? The SFC will present what the penalty is? We vote on whether it is appropriate?

Natalie Kato ‘14: It will be presented and voted upon.

Anything that we do, a clause will be added to the SFC bylaws.

Fund the entire amount Spring 2014 SAW Budget: Sarah Lovegren, Noor Massanat, Karunya Venugopal, Odeymarys Garrido, Sarah Lesser

Fund the entire amount Spring 2014 SAW Budget with a penalty next semester: Rhett Richardson, Elizabeth Vandenberg, Colin Baumann, Carolyn Jacoby, Nina Shmorhun, Celeste Gambino, Erin Saladin, Karina Siu, Jessica Ferriera, Xavia Miles, Jancy Munguia, Alex Francendese

Fund partially Spring 2014 SAW Budget: Natalie Zamora, Emily Garcia, Danyelle Phillips, Pamudu Tennakoon

Abstain: Emma Rosenblum, Meg Sumner-Moore, Sarah Gilmour

We are going to fund SAW’s 2014 Spring Budget entirely, which is the $2,050 from the SAW culture show and senior gifts. Options for penalties will be discussed at an SGA meeting later.

Old Business:

New Business: