The April, 2013 SGA Appointees are as follows:

BMCS Co-Heads: Hannah Tucker & Zoe Colman

BMCS Officers: Sara Lazarovska, Olivia Hollinger

Board of Trustees Representatives: Alexis De La Rosa, Miriam Ahmed

Conflict Management Committee: Sarah Gilmour, Adriana Nocco, Anne Claire Grammer, Makala Forster, Alizeh Amer

Seven Sisters Representative (1 yr.): Yitan (Coco) Wang

Seven Sisters Representative (2 yr.): Alizeh Amer

Plenary Committee: Natalie Zamora, Jessica Villalta, Nora Scheland

SGA Webmistresses: Natalie Kato, Amanda Guadalupe

Student Finance Committee: Nicole Soohoo, Grace Lee, Siyue (Kathy) Guo

Elections Board: Anastasia Biryuchinskaya

Independent Major Representatives: Mattie Wechsler & Maddie Brady

Outreach and Communications Committee: Olivia Hollinger, Marian Slocum

Student Curriculum Committee: Kelsey Weymouth-Little, Ana Mejia, Melanie Bahti

Sustainable Food Committee: Piper Martz, Maddie Lane

Health Center Advisory Board: Sarah Gilmour, Rachel Shields, Yanira Santos, Shireen Saxena

Green Ambassadors Co-heads: Piper Martz & Rudrani Gollapudi

Film Series Head: Samone Rowe

Film Series Committee: Kayla Bondi, Rae Hamilton, Amanda Guo, Elaine Holehan

Constitution Review Committee: Chloe Baumann, Elizabeth Vandenberg, Sarah Lovegren, Marian Slocum

These are all posted on the blog ( Questions? Email
We’ll be running another round in September, so look for announcements if you want to get involved! 🙂

The Appointments Committee

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