The April, 2013 SGA Appointees are as follows:

BMCS Co-Heads: Hannah Tucker & Zoe Colman

BMCS Officers: Sara Lazarovska, Olivia Hollinger

Board of Trustees Representatives: Alexis De La Rosa, Miriam Ahmed

Conflict Management Committee: Sarah Gilmour, Adriana Nocco, Anne Claire Grammer, Makala Forster, Alizeh Amer

Seven Sisters Representative (1 yr.): Yitan (Coco) Wang

Seven Sisters Representative (2 yr.): Alizeh Amer

Plenary Committee: Natalie […]

Results for 2013 April Elections Round!

2016 President: Karunya Venugopal and Angela Blatz

2015 President: Kaeun Bae and Alex Francendese

2014 President: Lindsey Crowe and Jancy Munguia

Traditions Mistresses: Pamudu Tennakoon and Anna Sargeant

Social Committee: Chloe Baumann

Curriculum Committee: Carolyn Jacoby

Elections Head: Elizabeth Vandenberg

ResCo Heads: Emma Rosenblum and Anna Kalinsky

2014 Honor Board: Hema Surendranathan and Shireen Saxena