April 21st 2013, Minutes

SGA Meeting 04/21/13

Natalie calls the meeting to order at 7:10 PM.

Absent: Hannah Lehman, Kayla Bondi, Jenn Burns, Maddy Court, Tina Chang, Nitya Hajela, Hannah Smith, Rebecca Payne-Passmore



Karina Siu ’14: There is a lacrosse fan appreciation game on Tuesday April 23rd at 4:30. They are playing Immaculata. There should be some free food and giveaways. Also, this Friday April 26th, tennis is playing at 3:30. On Saturday April 27th, Gettysburg will be here playing lacrosse at 1 PM.

The soccer team did Relay for Life this Saturday April 20th and raised $1,000!


Ana Cordova ’13: The graduate student association is hosting a trivia night in the Campus Center TV Room on Wednesday night, April 24th, from 6-8 PM.


Sophia Abbot ’15: There have been a lot of emails about the Board of Trustees meetings. The board will be on campus on Friday and Saturday April 26th and 27th and they are willing to meet with students to have some informal discussions. On Friday April 26th afternoon there is an informal lunch at 2 PM to talk about diversity on campus, such as diversity initiatives and any concerns regarding those. On Saturday April 27th afternoon at 1:30 PM in the Quita Woodward room there will be an informal meeting to talk about the changes in leadership, especially the president and other administrators. If you want to go, please RSVP to me (sabott@brynmawr.edu).


Carolyn Jacoby ’14: I just sent an email about proctoring for self-scheduled exams. We need at least three people per session. If we don’t get enough people, those exam slots need to close.


Ali Raeber ’13: Dorm president nominations were supposed to close now, but I am extending them until Tuesday April 23rd at midnight. Please nominate anybody! Seniors, I need help running dorm elections. Talk to me or email me at araeber@brynmawr.edu.


Amanda Beardall ’14: The CEO is having its last popup café on Friday April 26th from 2:30 to 4 PM. You can talk about getting involved with volunteer opportunities on and off campus. There will be home baked goods and smoothies.


Amy Chen ’14: On Thursday the 25th at 8AM, at Wyndham, the Board of Trustees is having their subcommittee about investment. I believe the divestment group is also presenting there.


Natalie Kato ’14: Pets on the Green is on Friday April 26th 3-5 PM Wyndham and Erdman green. Pet pets!


Kersti Francis ’13: I have sign-up sheets for May Day dancers from Plenary. I will be sending another email on Wednesday. We have 20 spots available and 10 alternate spots for each year plus McBrides and friends of McBrides. Rehearsals will be on Friday the 3rd at 11 AM or 1 PM. Sign up to dance and actually show up.


Karina Siu ’14: If you are a senior or know a senior that wants to have brunch at Wyndham on graduatin, please email wyndhamspecialevents@brynmawr.edu for reservations with the number of people and the time. They are filling up quickly. We have early times from 9-10 AM or later times from 11:15-11:30 AM.


Your 2 Cents:

Elections Introductions and Recap:

Michelle Lee ’15: We had a really good turnout for elections. This had to do with positions such as Traditions Mistresses and Songsmistresses being reelected. I got a little under 100 nominations, and there were a lot of people who ran. A lot of people came to Candidate’s Forum. Having the forum in the Campus Center is a great way to get people involved and motivated to come. We got 406 votes! Sophomores and freshmen voted the most, and I was surprised by the seniors. For run-off elections, either 2016 or 2015 had 37 votes – the most votes. For seniors, 10 people voted! Could we have all people who have been newly elected to come up?

Natalie Kato ’14: Newly elected positions please come up. Don’t forget to say your name and class year and the position that you are holding.


Sarah Lovegren ’14: Civic Engagement Office Representative.

Elizabeth Vandenberg ’16: Elections Head

Chloe Baumann ’14: So-Co Head.

Angela Blatz ’16 and Karunya Venugopal ‘16: Class of 2016 co-presidents.

Alex Francendese ’15 and Kaeun Bae ‘15: Class of 2015 co-presidents.

Carolyn Jacoby ‘14: Student Curriculum Committee Head.

Jancy Munguia ’14 and Lindsey Crowe ‘14: Class of 2014 co-presidents.

Melanie Bahti ‘16: 1-year Honor Board member.

Anna Sargeant ‘15 and Pamudu Tennakoon ‘15: Traditions Mistresses.

Eve Cantler 2016: Class of 2016 Songsmistress.


Michelle Lee ’15: For those who are not here:

Hema and Shireen for 2014 Honor Board

Sruthi for 2015 Honor Board, Molly for 2016 2-year honor board

Jackie for 2014 Songsmistress

Syona for 2015 Songsmistress.

Thank you for participating and voting and sharing everything I post on Facebook! Snaps for Elizabeth, the next elections head!


Concert Series Presentation:

Natalie Kato ’14: Part of our EBoard’s initiative is to bring back different committees that we appoint and elect into different positions and hear about their different initiatives throughout the year.

Vanessa Ide ’13: Last semester the budget we were awarded was $25,000. The total spent was $24,692, which is almost exactly $300 within our budget. We split up our shows based on feedback: people one large show and one smaller show. We put most of the money into the larger show, Ra Ra Riot, and the second show was planned with what was left over. We pick performers based on genres and bands from the feedback that we get.

Julia Sakamoto ‘13: We always allocate a little more for sound because we never know how much it is going to cost because we rent all of the equipment. For the first show it cost $1,500 and for the second it was $1,200. Always allocate $2,000 per show $ust in case, but it’s never actually $2,000.

Our spring semester budget was a little smaller, with $22,000. We don’t have the exact numbers for our first or second shows. Our first show was on March 31st, which was a smaller show. The second show will be on April 26th.

Vanessa Ide ‘13: This is attendance, with the average numbers for each show. It’s hard to keep track because people come and go. For Ra Ra Riot, 200 was the minimum. The other two shows both were in the Campus Center were around 175 and 150 people.

Julia Sakamoto ‘13: We have a few more points about why and how we choose artists. We always try to gauge student interests. Our budget is actually quite small. We can’t afford huge artists so we try to pick people who are enjoyable.

Vanessa Ide ‘13: Our big goal for this year was to diversify genres. We have done independent electronic acts in the past. We wanted to bring in rock, rap and hip-hop, alternative, and pop. We had pop, rock, electronic/alternative, and the upcoming show is alternative. We tried to book rap/hip-hop but it was difficult. A lot of people in surveys request Beyonce and Lady Gaga… we just can’t do that. We would love to! But we can’t do that. We’re working within a small budget. When it comes to picking specific bands, that is what the committee is for. When we have meetings, it is to come up with bands that fit our budget, genre, and that are available. Meetings are open to the community. If you are interested, come to a meeting and that how you can get involved and pick a band!

Julia Sakamoto ‘13: Future plans we have thought about are a constitution or by-laws, just to allocate duties within the group. We have 2 co-heads and in the past we have had six or seven officers. That’s too many. We want fewer officers and allocate duties more appropriately.

Vanessa Ide ‘13: For future appointments, we suggested four officers instead of six.

Julia Sakamoto ‘13: Venue resolution. We had our shows in Rhoads Dining Hall and got some complaints from students. In the Campus Center we have our own stage and lights, and a small sound system for smaller shows. Shows will now be now in the Campus Center.


Natalie Kato ‘14: Does anyone have any questions for the Concert Series Co-heads? If you have any questions, email the EBoard or email them to Vanessa and Julia.


Members-at-Large Listserv Presentation:

Natalie Kato ‘14: The Members-at-Large and Secretary Syona have been working to come up with different ideas to satisfy a listserv. This was a discussion that we had at the beginning of this year but it was tabled and now the Members-at-Large will bring it back.

Diana Tive ’15: Everyone felt the deficit without an SGA listserv. We have been working with Secretary Syona to remedy that. Why do we need an SGA listserv?

To inform the student body about SGA events in a way that is not intrusive and won’t spam email.

Elizabeth Vandenberg ‘16: We don’t want another activities listserv but it will be for important things like elections, plenary – things that are related to the exec board and certain elected positions. Not SGA-sponsored club events, but things that are sponsored by the exec board.

Diana Tive ‘15: The plan is a bi-monthly newsletter that will have big SGA events. Pets on the Green would go in these newsletters, but SGA-funded events for clubs would not go in these newsletters. We want you to read them and be informed about what is happening in SGA. There will be weekly emails for minutes and agendas – six emails a month, not too terrible. Hopefully they will be presented in a way that is clear and easy to increase communication that is vital to have between SGA and the student body.

Muna Aghaalnemer ‘13: The SGA Executive Board and Members-at-Large will have access to the listserv. Assembly members will contribute to the listserv as well.

Elizabeth Vandenberg ‘16: A Member-at-Large will get the emails and compile the newsletter. For example, the Board of Trustees rep or CEO rep could email a small update. Things that are relevant to the position. You don’t have to email every week – just if something important happens!


Natalie Kato ‘14: First, does anyone have any questions?


Emily Tong ‘13: I’m just wondering, you said that the emails will go to a Member-at-Large who will compile them? I’m worried that – will there just be one person?

Diana Tive ‘15: There will be two people. It will be written into the constitution. It’s another way to have set tasks for Members-at-Large. As current Members-at-Large, we see it as a positive.

Elizabeth Vandenberg ‘16: We’re supposed to represent the student body, we should actually be doing stuff.


Natalie Kato ‘14: Does anyone else have any questions about the listserv that they are talking about? Anything you want the Members-at-Large to clarify?

We will do a straw poll. Yes, I agree with the recommendations from the Members-at-Large and Secretary, No, I don’t agree, or Abstain.

Yes: Majority

No: none

Abstain: One

Natalie Kato ‘14: The Members-at-Large will be working on the listserv initiative and we will be seeing it in the near future!

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