A. The Honor Board is responsible for the administration and facilitation of the Honor Code. This includes an orientation for new students each fall, open meetings where the student body can discuss non-confidential matters relating to the Honor Code, and the periodic review of the Honor Code itself.

B. Composition of the Board

  1. The Academic Honor Board consists of the Dean of the Undergraduate College, three to five members of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences elected as Faculty Representatives, and eight students from the Undergraduate College: three students from the senior class (at the beginning of the fall semester), two students from the junior class (at the beginning of the fall semester), two students from the sophomore class (at the beginning of the fall semester), and one student elected as Head of the Honor Board by members of the Association.a. In the case that most current representatives of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences are compromised because of conflicts of interest or scheduling, the Dean’s Office will request that a faculty member who has previously served on the Honor Board be asked to serve on a hearing.
  2. The Social Honor Board consists of four permanent members who sit on the Academic Honor Board and four rotating members (one from each class) selected at random from the Association.
  3. There are three specialty appointments on the Board: the Senior Counsel, the Secretary, and the Conflict Resolution Committee. The Senior Counsel serves as the support person for the confronted party in that the Senior Counsel makes clear the procedure of the hearing to the confronted party. The Secretary takes minutes at meetings, writes abstracts, and takes care of the Honor Board budget. The Conflict Resolution Committee works closely with the mediation intake coordinators to schedule mediation and to organize the mediation program. Since it is important for both the Senior Counsel and the Secretary to have an understanding from the experience of the hearing procedure, the Head of the Honor Board, in consultation with the Honor Board, shall appoint elected members of the Board to these positions based on the length of term and/or total time served on the Board. The Conflict Resolution Committee shall likewise be appointed with regards to experience with the Conflict Resolution Committee.

C. The jurisdiction of the Honor Board extends to all members of the Undergraduate College. The Board has the authority to justify any sanction up to failure of an examination or paper, failure of a course, exclusion from a residence hall, exclusion from campus housing or expulsion from the College.