Consider Designing the SGA Campaign Decal!

Calling all creative minds:

Consider designing the SGA Campaign Decal!

The SGA Eboard has just announced the beginning of our campaign!  The goals are to bring about awareness of SGA and what it encompasses, as well as recognize the empowerment that is found in SGA and the people it has touched!
Our slogan/theme is I am Empowered.  I am SGA.
Interpret this theme as you will! 

If your design is chosen to be on the decal, not only will it be printed and distributed throughout campus, but you could also win an Insomnia Cookie Party for your hall with the SGA EBoard! If you live off-campus, we will have a Cookie Party for all off-campus students on campus.

Submissions are due: November 8, 2013 by 11:59pm.  You can email all designs to

The winner will be announced at the SGA Event on Saturday, November 23rd.  Be on the lookout for more information regarding the event!

Pets on the Green!

Want to cuddle with some furry friends? Come to Pets on the Green!
When: Tuesday
November 5th, 3-5pm
(Inclement weather date: Tuesday, November 19th)
Where: On the green between Erdman and Wyndham
??s Emma Bergman ( or Erin Clouthier (

Event with LILAC and Richard Shell

Richard Shell, author of Springboard: Launching Your Personal Search for Success, will be coming to Bryn Mawr on the evening of Tuesday, November 12 from 7pm-8pm. (Location is TBD)

The Leadership, Innovation, and Liberal Arts Center (LILAC) is going to purchase the books for students who sign up to attend the session. Katie Krimmel, Associate Dean for LILAC will facilitate two follow up sessions, the first after a month, then second after two month with all of the peer groups who have continued to read the book.

Register for this event Here:

Richard teaches an undergraduate course at Penn called the Literature of Success and is an award-winning scholar, teacher, and author at the University of Pennsylvania. In his work, he helps students and executives reach peak levels of personal and professional effectiveness through skilled negotiation, persuasion, influence, and the discovery of meaningful life goals. Three beliefs permeate everything he teaches and writes. First, success begins with self-awareness. Second, success progresses through excellence in practice. Third, success demands adherence to the highest standards of integrity.

The Leadership, Innovation, and Liberal Arts Center (LILAC) is going to purchase the books for students who sign up to attend the session. Seats will be limited. The hope is that we will launch Springboard peer groups coming out of the session for students who are interested in continuing a discussion around the book. These groups will allow you to blog and discuss the chapters on a semi-structured basis.

Apply to be a BMC Representative for the Seven Sisters Conference!

Newly Elected Assembly Members!

The newly elected Assembly members are as follows:

Members-at-Large: Celeste Gambino, Mariam Khoudari, Noor Massanat, Xavia Miles, Marian Slocum, Christina Tse
Pensby Rep: Rhett Richardson
Off-Campus Rep: Sara Kim
Faculty Reps: Daniele Arad-Neeman and Erin Saladin
COPS Co-Heads: Christine Newville and Nina Shmorhun
Undergraduate Representative to the Leadership Working Group: Lisa Merrick
2017 Class President: Odeymarys Garrido
2014 Honor Board Rep: Maura Dillon, Ivy Drexel

2013 Fall Plenary Resolutions

Get a head-start and read the FALL 2013 PLENARY RESOLUTIONS here!

Fall 2013 Plenary Resolutions

Applications for the Leadership Working Group

Candidates Applications:

Ivy Drexel

Lisa Merrick

Jenna Myers

Plenary Workshop PowerPoint

Plenary Powerpoint Fall 2013

Bryn Mawr Leadership Orientation Workshop PowerPoint

The April, 2013 SGA Appointees are as follows:

BMCS Co-Heads: Hannah Tucker & Zoe Colman

BMCS Officers: Sara Lazarovska, Olivia Hollinger

Board of Trustees Representatives: Alexis De La Rosa, Miriam Ahmed

Conflict Management Committee: Sarah Gilmour, Adriana Nocco, Anne Claire Grammer, Makala Forster, Alizeh Amer

Seven Sisters Representative (1 yr.): Yitan (Coco) Wang

Seven Sisters Representative (2 yr.): Alizeh Amer

Plenary Committee: Natalie Zamora, Jessica Villalta, Nora Scheland

SGA Webmistresses: Natalie Kato, Amanda Guadalupe

Student Finance Committee: Nicole Soohoo, Grace Lee, Siyue (Kathy) Guo

Elections Board: Anastasia Biryuchinskaya

Independent Major Representatives: Mattie Wechsler & Maddie Brady

Outreach and Communications Committee: Olivia Hollinger, Marian Slocum

Student Curriculum Committee: Kelsey Weymouth-Little, Ana Mejia, Melanie Bahti

Sustainable Food Committee: Piper Martz, Maddie Lane

Health Center Advisory Board: Sarah Gilmour, Rachel Shields, Yanira Santos, Shireen Saxena

Green Ambassadors Co-heads: Piper Martz & Rudrani Gollapudi

Film Series Head: Samone Rowe

Film Series Committee: Kayla Bondi, Rae Hamilton, Amanda Guo, Elaine Holehan

Constitution Review Committee: Chloe Baumann, Elizabeth Vandenberg, Sarah Lovegren, Marian Slocum

These are all posted on the blog ( Questions? Email
We’ll be running another round in September, so look for announcements if you want to get involved! 🙂

The Appointments Committee