Bryn Mawr Leadership Orientation Workshop

SGA is hosting the Bryn Mawr Leadership Orientation Workshop and there are lots of benefits in attending!

The workshop is open to the entire Undergraduate Bryn Mawr community, but club President(s) and Treasurer(s) are REQUIRED to attend in order to receive funding (see note on club funding below).

At this workshop, developing student leaders can learn what resources are available to them and how to navigate these resources.

Who: BMC Undergrads 
 Bryn Mawr Leadership Orientation Workshop
Where: Thomas Great Hall
When: Saturday, January 25th at 2 PM and Sunday, January 26th at 2 PM
*There will be two sessions, please RSVP for the session you will likely attend here: If you are a club leader, RSVP with your name, position, and club name.
**If you are unable to attend the workshop on either day, please email
Why: To foster community and networking skills between club leaders, and to better understand the resources made available to you by the College!

Looking forward to seeing you there, and at other events this semester!

If you have any questions, email



Big Cheese Forum on November 17th

The Big Cheese Forum is this Sunday, November 17th at 7pm-8:30pm.

The Big Cheese Forum is when administrators come to answer questions of the undergraduate student body.  There are questions/topics that the Representative Council have voted to hear the Cheeses speak to, which are listed below.  Once we have gone through these questions, we will move into an open Question & Answer forum where people can ask any questions they may have for our Big Cheeses.

Big Cheeses:

Kim Cassidy, Interim President of Bryn Mawr College

Judy Balthazar, Interim Undergraduate Dean of Bryn Mawr College

Jerry Berenson, Chief Administrative Officer of Bryn Mawr College

Questions that Big Cheeses will be answering: 

What is the timeline for the construction of Haffner?   How is Perry House being incorporated into Haffner?  Depending on how long it takes for Haffner to be completed, are we going to continue to use Overbrook, Mermont, and Haverford as alternative places to house Bryn Mawr students?  Have there been any issues regarding housing Bryn Mawr students at these places?
Student Employment
How have the student employment policies changed from last semester to this semester (specifically in regards to work study)?  How can we expect these changes to influence students during the next year?  Are these new policies going to remain in place or are they temporary?  
Is there anything happening with regards to divestment at Bryn Mawr?  From when the Board of Trustees were on campus, we have heard discussion about a sustainability coordinator for Bryn Mawr.  Is this something that the college is looking to invest in?
Are there ways in which the CEO, CPD, Pensby, or LILAC are planning to collaborate in the future?  If so, what can students look forward to?  How is LILAC being utilized and what programming is being planned to better connect the CEO and CPD?
Access Services
What has Access Services been involved with on campus recently?  What are the goals and initiatives of Access Services?  How is accessibility being incorporated into the new dorm (i.e. do we know any tangible plans for access in the dorm?)

Plenary Survey

Please fill out this Plenary Survey to give us Feedback!


Consider Designing the SGA Campaign Decal!

Calling all creative minds:

Consider designing the SGA Campaign Decal!

The SGA Eboard has just announced the beginning of our campaign!  The goals are to bring about awareness of SGA and what it encompasses, as well as recognize the empowerment that is found in SGA and the people it has touched!
Our slogan/theme is I am Empowered.  I am SGA.
Interpret this theme as you will! 

If your design is chosen to be on the decal, not only will it be printed and distributed throughout campus, but you could also win an Insomnia Cookie Party for your hall with the SGA EBoard! If you live off-campus, we will have a Cookie Party for all off-campus students on campus.

Submissions are due: November 8, 2013 by 11:59pm.  You can email all designs to

The winner will be announced at the SGA Event on Saturday, November 23rd.  Be on the lookout for more information regarding the event!

Pets on the Green!

Want to cuddle with some furry friends? Come to Pets on the Green!
When: Tuesday
November 5th, 3-5pm
(Inclement weather date: Tuesday, November 19th)
Where: On the green between Erdman and Wyndham
??s Emma Bergman ( or Erin Clouthier (

Event with LILAC and Richard Shell

Richard Shell, author of Springboard: Launching Your Personal Search for Success, will be coming to Bryn Mawr on the evening of Tuesday, November 12 from 7pm-8pm. (Location is TBD)

The Leadership, Innovation, and Liberal Arts Center (LILAC) is going to purchase the books for students who sign up to attend the session. Katie Krimmel, Associate Dean for LILAC will facilitate two follow up sessions, the first after a month, then second after two month with all of the peer groups who have continued to read the book.

Register for this event Here:

Richard teaches an undergraduate course at Penn called the Literature of Success and is an award-winning scholar, teacher, and author at the University of Pennsylvania. In his work, he helps students and executives reach peak levels of personal and professional effectiveness through skilled negotiation, persuasion, influence, and the discovery of meaningful life goals. Three beliefs permeate everything he teaches and writes. First, success begins with self-awareness. Second, success progresses through excellence in practice. Third, success demands adherence to the highest standards of integrity.

The Leadership, Innovation, and Liberal Arts Center (LILAC) is going to purchase the books for students who sign up to attend the session. Seats will be limited. The hope is that we will launch Springboard peer groups coming out of the session for students who are interested in continuing a discussion around the book. These groups will allow you to blog and discuss the chapters on a semi-structured basis.


Apply to be a BMC Representative for the Seven Sisters Conference!


Newly Elected Assembly Members!

The newly elected Assembly members are as follows:

Members-at-Large: Celeste Gambino, Mariam Khoudari, Noor Massanat, Xavia Miles, Marian Slocum, Christina Tse
Pensby Rep: Rhett Richardson
Off-Campus Rep: Sara Kim
Faculty Reps: Daniele Arad-Neeman and Erin Saladin
COPS Co-Heads: Christine Newville and Nina Shmorhun
Undergraduate Representative to the Leadership Working Group: Lisa Merrick
2017 Class President: Odeymarys Garrido
2014 Honor Board Rep: Maura Dillon, Ivy Drexel


2013 Fall Plenary Resolutions

Get a head-start and read the FALL 2013 PLENARY RESOLUTIONS here!

Fall 2013 Plenary Resolutions


Applications for the Leadership Working Group

Candidates Applications:

Ivy Drexel

Lisa Merrick

Jenna Myers