ARTICLE IX: Right to Petition and Impeachment

Section I: Right to Petition

Members of SGA have the right to present a petition signed by one-third of the members of SGA to the Secretary of SGA in order to

  1. Convene a meeting of SGA
  2. Convene a special meeting of the Assembly
  3. Convene a special meeting of any committee or body of officers
  4. Request any matter of concern be referred to a vote of SGA
  5. Address matters involving SGA Common Treasury Dues

Section II: Removal from Office

Subsection A: Grounds for removal from office include embezzlement, fraud, malfeasance in office, neglect of duty, actions in violation of the Constitution, and actions in violation of the Honor Code. Malfeasance in office includes misrepresentation of any portion of the student body and violations against the Honor Code.

Subsection B: All charges which could result in removal from office shall be referred to the Honor Board and be subject to the Honor Board’s rules and procedures. Honor Board can refer social cases that affect the greater community to the student body for a majority vote.

Subsection C: Removal from office can also be accomplished by a two-thirds vote of the Officer’s constituency, providing that two-thirds of the constituency votes.