ARTICLE II: The Assembly

Section I: Composition and Purpose

Subsection A: SGA shall entrust its governance to the elected members of Assembly, which shall consist of the Executive Board, the Representative Council, and the Honor Board. The Assembly shall represent the interest of SGA  to the College.

Subsection B: The Executive Board shall consist of President of SGA, Vice-President of SGA, Treasurer of SGA, Secretary/Parliamentarian of SGA, and Head of the Honor Board.

Subsection C: The Representative Council shall consist of

  • No more than six Members-At-Large
  • Up to two Dorm Presidents from each Residence Hall
  • Haverford College Representative
  • Off-campus Representative
  • McBride Representative
  • Class Presidents
  • Head of the Elections Board
  • Head of Residence Council
  • Head of Curriculum Committee
  • Traditions Mistress(es)/Master(s)/Mistex
  • Representative to the Faculty
  • Head of Social Committee
  • Head of Campus Safety Committee
  • Athletic Association Representative
  • Office of Intercultural Affairs Representative
  • LILAC: Civic Engagement Representative
  • LILAC: Career and Professional Development (CPD) Representative
  • SGA Archivist

Subsection D: The above officers shall be elected as specified in the Elections Bylaws and shall assume office immediately for a term of one year and/or until a successor takes office. The student shall be a candidate for a Bryn Mawr A.B. degree.

Subsection E: Each assembly member is expected to attend their respective meetings. 

Subsection F: No person shall concurrently hold more than one SGA office specified in Article II, Section I, Subsections B and C of this Constitution and Bylaws except as provided for in Article VIII Section V, Subsections D and E. 

Subsection G: The Honor Board will serve as the vehicle for investigating all issues/matters concerning removal(s) from office, and then the issue goes to a student body vote.

Subsection H: As representative of the student body, members of the Representative Council, Appointed Positions, Appointments Committee, Honor Board and the SGA Executive Board are held to the highest standards of the Honor Code.

Section II: Authority

Subsection A: Constitutional Authority

The authority of the Constitution and Bylaws shall bind all matters connected with the Assembly. All matters not prescribed by the articles of this Constitution shall be subject to parliamentary authority, unless such authority is inconsistent with this Constitution.

Subsection B: Parliamentary Authority

The Assembly may adopt as its Parliamentary Authority the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised.