SGA Meeting 12/4/22

Meeting Minutes for SGA General Assembly 12/4/22


In Attendance from E-Board:

President Ananya Hindocha ‘23

Vice President Desi Bagot ‘24

Secretary Bryn Osborne ‘24

Co-Treasurer Catherine Fu ‘23

Co-Treasurer Lola Rodrigues ‘23

Social Justice and Equity Chair Fatmata Sesay ‘23


Groups called to Meeting: N/A, No votes occurring 


Meeting Agenda

  1. Community Comment
  2. Announcements and Upcoming Events
  3. Admin Meeting Updates
  4. Final Asks

  • Community Comment


Ananya Hindocha ‘23: Apologies, someone stole half of stuff we bought for the care packages, so we don’t have as much as we expected, but we still have some stuff, so you can come up after meeting and get goodies. We’ll start with announcements and community comment, go over meeting notes from admin meetings. Any questions or comments from the community? 


Dorm President: I’m not an HA but I understand that my HAs need to get soap for dorm pantries, can’t find any, I’m the Dorm President, but where would we get that? 


Lola Rodrigues ‘23 : HA budgets are handled through ResLife, so contact them about that, they should have soap or can give you the money


  • Announcements and Upcoming Events


Ananya Hindocha ‘23: Tomorrow, FemCo is having a teach in at 7:30 in the campus center with Students for preserving Chinatown. On Dec 10 at 3pm, the SGA Gender Inclusion committee is having teach-in in the well, survey was sent out by email to fill out if you are trans or nonbinary or don’t idenitfy as cisgender woman, we are collecting experiences, you can also be apart of the teach-in. In my most recent email I gave all these links, and more info will be going out. For finals resources, we wanted everyone to know that advising deans are great resource, the Q-Center and Writing center, peer tutors are available as resources, sent email with links and we have stuff up on the website if anyone needs extra help. 


Lola Rodrigues ‘23: Cash advance spending proof and reimbursements are due Dec 16 at noon, that is a hard deadline, you will not get reimbursed if you turn in receipts after that. If you do not turn in cash advance proof by that deadline, you cannot receive them next semester, anything after that we will not accept it. 


Ananya Hindocha ‘23: Please please make sure cash advance proof is sent in, clubs will not be able to get cash advances next semester if proof is not turned in of spending.


  • Admin Meeting Updates


Ananya Hindocha ‘23:  On Nov 30th, the SGA E-board along with the FemCo president and the HCAB co-heads had a meeting with administration about period products, and health and wellness staff. We brought up the plenary resolution but the point of our meeting was to talk about the counseling crisis, the shortage of counselors, and how students can’t get appointments. The administration is aware and we were talking to them about how we want more transparency and action plans so students can be aware of what’s happening, HCAB and e-board are working together to broadcast info once we get it. In terms of free period products, we’re slowly working towards that, it’s been a process but we’re hoping we’ll have something in the dorms very soon, next semester. We brought this up to them and discussed it, FemCo is working on securing funding and getting it set up. We also talked about wellness in general, lots of turnover happening with staff at the wellness center, talking about the importance of retaining staff and especially therapists, a lot going on behind the scenes but we’ve been pushing for it. What’s not on here is important, college budgets for the fiscal year 2024 have started, starting to be put  together. The budget timeline for the college is that into the beginning of next semester, the Chief Financial Officer (Kari Fazio) starts putting together budget committee meetings, SGA treasurers and VP and President, along with faculty and staff reps have some input on what we think should be included in the budget and what is happening. Not that much info was shared at the last meeting, we hope to get more next semester. The budget process is where we pushed a dollar raise for student wages, still something we’re really thinking about. Next semester, we will send a survey to the student body to collect info about student work. A big thing when we go to meetings and say maybe 10 or 11 dollars isn’t a good or competitive wage, they ask us for data on who thinks that, so it’s extremely important to fill it out, they love to discredit us on data, want to have a big number of responses, it has to be over 900 students for them to think it’s credible. Something really important for this e-board is to continue to push for wages on campus to be competitive and in line with other schools in the area. We had that meeting, any questions about those?


Sophie Greer ‘23: What are Haverford and Swarthmore students paid?


Ananya Hindocha ‘23: It’s slightly higher than ours is, Penn is also higher. I don’t have exact numbers. We are the lowest paying 7 sibling college as well. 


  • Honor Board Reports


Ananya Hindocha ‘23: These are the honor board reports, I’ll just read out what it says, and then also in the meeting minutes we will send the abstracts out. These are from when? 


Carlee Warfield ‘23: From any case that was no earlier than two semesters ago and no later than six semesters ago. 


Ananya Hindocha ‘23: They are anonymized, this report was all glee characters. They have what happened and the procedure and resolution, if you are interested in those they’ll be published in notes and on the website. In the fall of 2022, 3 cases came to the honor board, 2 traditional hearings, and 1 alternative process. All were academic cases. One was plagiarizing and discussion of exam content, the second case was discussion of content and revealing of form and content of the exam, and the third case was accessing course materials during an exam, academic integrity, and plagiarization. Resolutions were maintaining contact with the dean and support networks, and withdrawing from classes, once the third case is resolved, we will make sure that it is published as well. If anyone has questions about honor board processes, we can answer those as well, Carlee our honor board chair can answer. 


Abstracts will also be in the email Bryn sends out with meeting minutes and published on the website. Just keep coming to meetings, next semester we will hit the ground running. We have a lot of events planned and things happening. If you’re part of a club E-Board, start to think about budgeting, they will be due soon after we get back and RepCo will vote. We will send out the due dates for budgets soon. If you guys have any questions about next semester you can also ask after the meeting. Faia from the Financial Advisory Board brought stuff and we have chocolate, eye masks, fuzzy socks, donuts, and sticky notes. Please only take one or two things because we don’t have as much as we thought, we won’t be having office hours or more meetings this year but you can always email us with questions and concerns. Thank you everyone! 


  • Final Asks


No comments or questions


Meeting adjourned at 8:24 PM