Honor Board

Bryn Mawr College is an institution that takes pride not only in a legacy of excellence, but also in many grand traditions. The Honor Code is one such tradition that is woven into all aspects of life on campus at Bryn Mawr. It is a living document that the Undergraduate student community adopts, “to create an environment in which each member is able to realize their full potential- a potential which is realized through intellectual and social growth.” By adopting this document, the Undergraduate student community acknowledges that respect and concern for one another is key to our development, both socially and academically.

Meet the Honor Board:

The Honor Board consists of 8 students (3 Seniors, 2 Juniors, 2 Sophomores and the Head of the Honor Board) elected by the Undergraduate student body each year in February. They are representative of the students in Academic hearings, Social hearings and Deans Panels and are part of the deliberation process that decides the outcomes and resolutions of cases in conjunction with the Dean of the Undergraduate College and Faculty members of the Honor Board. Their responsibilities also include educating the incoming class about life under the Honor Code at Bryn Mawr College, distributing information about examination policies, distributing Finals week materials and schedules, and delivering hearing reports to the Assembly at the end of each semester as prescribed in the Honor Code.

Confidentiality is vital to the success of the Honor Code.  Knowledge of any social or academic conflicts is confined to as few people as possible (parties involved, members of the Honor Board and those who might have taken part in mediation processes). All witnesses and parties are required to keep all proceedings strictly confidential.

 Melanie Bahti Head of the Honor Board: Melanie Bahti
Major: Undecided
Hype Song: Shake It Out- Florence and the Machine
Dorm Liaison for Rhoads South and Rockefeller
  Head of the Honor Board Emerita: Amani Chowdhury
Major: Biology
Hype Song: Stupidfacedd- Wallpaper.
Dorm Liaison for Perry House, Brecon and Erdman
 Shireen Saxena 2014 1-Year Representative: Shireen Saxena
Major: Anthropology
Dorm Liaison for Batten House and Off-Campus Housing
  2014 1-Year Representative: Maura Dillon
Major: Psychology
Hype Song: Levels- Avicii
Dorm Liaison for Merion, Rhoads North and Pembroke East.
  2014 1-Year Representative: Ivy Drexel
Major: English and Linguistics
Hype Song: Valerie- Amy Winehouse
Dorm Liaison for Pembroke West and Rockefeller.
  2015 2-Year Representative: Eun-Young Park
Major: Chemistry
Hype Song: All Star- Smash Mouth
Dorm Liaison for Denbigh and Pembroke East
  2015 1-Year Representative: Sruthi Buddai*
Major: Biology
Hype Song: The High Road- Broken Bells
sbuddai@brynmawr.edu*Studying abroad Spring 2014.
  2016 2-Year Representative: Molly MacDougall
Major: Psychology
Hype Song: If I Ever Leave This World Alive- Flogging Molly
Dorm Liaison for Pembroke West and Radnor


Honor Board Head Office Hours:

Want to chat about the Code? Have questions about what an academic or social infraction is? Interested in joining the Board? Curious about the hearing process? Need some advice on how to pursue a possible situation?
Come down to the lower level of GUILD to informally chat with the Head of the Honor Board EVERY Wednesday 10:00am – 12:00pm.
Don’t be shy- She likes making new friends!

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