Plenary Resolution Writing Workshops

Any member of the Association has the right to present a resolution and all members of the Association have the right and responsibility to attend Plenary (The Constitution of the Self-Government Association of the Undergraduate School of Bryn Mawr College: Article I: Section II: Subsection B and D)


resolutions first need to be written! […]

Bryn Mawr Leadership Orientation Workshop

SGA is hosting the Bryn Mawr Leadership Orientation Workshop and there are lots of benefits in attending!

The workshop is open to the entire Undergraduate Bryn Mawr community, but club President(s) and Treasurer(s) are REQUIRED to attend in order to receive funding (see note on club funding below).

At this workshop, developing student leaders can learn what resources are available to them and how to navigate these resources. Who: BMC Undergrads  […]